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MEGA EDIT: wow okay it looks like my previous journal never actually went out to the message boxes, so here we go again
copypasta from previous:
"I can't thank you all enough for your support over the past four years, for those just in or the ones who came a while ago. It's been a huge blast, truly.
But my time on this account is done.

I began as a RnC fanartist, moving on to an anthro artist, and even though many people said on my poll I should post what I want, I just don't. The majority of my watchers isn't interested in it and every single time I go here I just see this wall of art of something I have no interest in. I'm really moving to being a Homestuck, Jak and Daxter and InFamous artist, and on this account I just don't see that happen.

And it's fine. I have a new account where I can start fresh and whatever. I won't be posting it public though. Honestly if you're into groups of fandoms I mentioned earlier, you'll see my art popping up.

I'll give a holler when I'm really gone.


Edit: this account will remain in existance. It'll probably turn into an art archive or something. There's too much of my old stuff here I don't want to lose, so deactivating won't happen."

So this is basically what's happening
I'll miss you, but you might see me back someday
i love you all!!! <3333

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Thanks so much for the watch! I really appreciate it :heart:
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You're very welcome! I was surprised I didn't watch you before uvu
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For you darling! :)

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